RealtyTours.comTM Tour Features

A RealtyTours.comTM virtual tour is the closest thing to a real showing. It's a powerful way to promote your listings to thousands of people nation-wide and beyond, and it's a great tool that will help you take more listings and make more sales!

Virtual tours save buyers and sellers valuable time, and they allow buyers to select the properties they are most interested in. If you don't have a virtual tour on every one of your listings, you will be passing up a huge segment of buyers who start their home buying experience (to determine which listings they want to see in person) online!

A list of features and benefits of RealtyTours.comTM virtual tours:
Creating virtual tours has never been easier! Using any digital camera and/or camcorder, you simply take the pictures and video, upload them through the website, enter some brief property information, select your background music and options, and we do the rest – making your images come alive and together into a professional looking virtual tour that can be viewed on the web using a computer, from any mobile device or smart phone (ie iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPad, iPod, etc.), or downloaded to a CD for TV viewing. Add your virtual tour URL or tour ID# to your: MLS, IDX website(s), name rider or yard signs, property flyers, brochures, social networking sites,, YouTube, etc. and the whole world will be taking a virtual tour while you do what you do best – turning qualified interested buyers into home-owners and sellers into happy satisfied customers!
Our Pay Per Tour plans allow you to purchase tours as you need them, and our monthly subscription plans allow you to create unlimited tours for a small monthly fee. Regardless of the plan you are on, you get the same full version high quality tours and services with all of the features and links. How the tour is displayed depends on the link (URL) that you use. Each tour you create has links for: the full Branded Tour, the Unbranded Tour (which does not have any contact info.), the Smartphone Mobile Tour, and an option to download the CD Tour for viewing on TV. Special links can also be created to view the tour on and on YouTube.
Each RealtyTours.comTM branded tour includes the following features and options:
  • Branded Info: Your contact info. (Including your personal photo and company logo)
  • Tour Scenes: Unlimited still images, panoramic 180° or 360°images, and/or videos.
  • Property Info: (Address, Price, Beds, Baths, Sq. Ft., Acres, Remarks, etc.)
  • Headings: Text headings and descriptions for each scene.
  • Background Music: Choose from a variety of selections & themes. On/Off options.
  • Voice/Audio: Plays sound file at beginning of the tour for narration & personalization.
  • Send To A Friend: A link that allows users to email the tour to another person.
  • Contact Agent: So users can email you with questions or to schedule a showing.
  • View on Map: A link to the property with several views (street, aerial, satellite, etc.)
  • Calculator: Allows users to calculate their monthly payment for this property.
  • Re-sizable: Tour auto re-sizes to fit the browser, and has option to fill the full screen.
  • Download Tour: A link that allows users to download the tour to a CD for tv viewing.
  • Custom Links: Add links to your tours with customized button names and URL’s
  • Interactive: Users can start, stop, pan, and navigate as if they were in the home.
Add up to a 60 second voice or audio (wav) file to play at the beginning of your tour. This can be used for narration, introduction, and for special music or effects. When buyers here the sound of your voice, they immediately start to make a connection – which can easily become a lead that leads to the sale!
Supports most popular video formats including HD (avi, mpg, mpg2, mpg3, mov, wmv, and more). By adding even just a few hi-def videos to your tour, you turn it into more than just a tour. It becomes an “experience” for the user. The power of an introduction by you on the first scene and a thank you at the end adds personality to your tour and will make the user feel like they already know you, making it easier for them to contact you and to ask you to represent them as the buyer’s agent. Video is especially effective for any scenes with sounds or moving objects such as a golf swing, water fall, theater room, mood lighting, etc.
Supports high resolution (800x600) JPG photos. Images are automatically cropped and re-sized. Still images have transition and special effects that give them a video like appearance. You can customize the effects and how long each scene plays.
Supports partial or 360°continuous panoramic JPG images. You can create panoramas by taking a series of pictures with any digital camera (no special lens required) and then stitch the images into one panoramic JPG image using a stitching software (not included). Panoramic images give the user an interactive experience that feels like they are actually in the home. The user feels like they are standing where the camera is, and they can turn in either direction to see the views. RealtyTours.comTM supports all types of panoramas, and there is a complete video tutorial on shooting and stitching panoramas in the help section once you are logged in to your account.
Add custom buttons to your tours that link from the tour to your personal website, to a page within your website with additional tours, or to any other website related to the property. Custom links can be used to link to: plat maps, floor-plans, community attractions, school info., city or county websites, chamber of commerce, your website, etc.
Users with smartphones and mobile devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPod Touch, iPad, and most web compatible cell phones will be able to view tours at m.RealtyTours.comTM using our mobile tour viewer designed specifically for these types of devices. If you create a YouTube video (see info. below), users will be able to view the full tour on their mobile device. Otherwise, the site displays a simplified tour (with still images only) and includes property information and options to text or call the listing agent.
All of our branded tours have the option to download the tour to your computer where you can then burn the tour to a CD-ROM or DVD so the tour can be viewed on TV or any device that plays CD’s or DVD’s. You can leave the CD’s in the home to hand out to buyers who preview the property, you can hand them out at open houses etc. or you can give them to the seller or buyer as a closing gift for memories of their home!
As an authorized Picturepath partner, RealtyTours.comTM can submit your tours to so viewers that view your listings will be able to click a link to view your virtual tour. This link from to your tour is FREE if your listing is a showcase listing. Otherwise there is a small fee (approx. $20) charged by to submit the link to the listing. Your listing must already be on before you can submit the tour URL. For more info., just click the LINKS tab once you are logged in to your account and have created a tour.
For an additional fee (approx. $20), we will create a manual conversion of your virtual tour into a YouTube video. YouTube is a trusted site that most smartphone users with devices like the iPhone and iPad trust and are familiar with. YouTube videos are widely supported by all browsers and operating systems including mobile phones. A YouTube link placed on a flyer at the listed property provides buyers the ability to view your tour onsite via a smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.), and is a great way to promote your tour on social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. You can also embed the YouTube video tour in your website.
We provide an unbranded tour that you can upload to your MLS and to any IDX sites that the MLS submits your listings to. This allows other agents and brokers in your MLS to view your tours from the MLS and to show your tours to their customers and buyers directly from their IDX websites. Make sure you check with your local MLS to make sure you are in compliance with their IDX rules. If your MLS does not submit tour links to other websites, see Listing Syndication below.
Our dedicated secure servers are connected to the Internet 24/7 and employ a RAID 1 dual hard drive mirror system with redundancy and daily backups to prevent against hard drive failure, downtime, or loss of data. All financial transactions made on our site are SSL encrypted to provide you with the highest level of security and peace mind.
RealtyTours.comTM is so easy to use, you may never need help and support; however, if you ever have a question or need help, it’s nice to know you can just pick up the phone or submit an e-Support ticket and receive fast, friendly, proficient help from a real person. RealtyPro Solutions is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of customer service and support. If you ever have any questions, suggestions, or notice any problems with our software or services, please let us know and we will do our best to reply and resolve any issues as quickly and efficiently as possible!
Try our NO RISK FREE TRIAL to see for yourself how easy it is to create a virtual tour!